Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Garage Alexandra Skins

I know most men hear the word "garage" and they are like seeing visions of cars and grease and golfclubs but I hear the word and am into garage sales and finding unexpected treasures ... Garage here is kind of like that .... you should go ... pile up all your kids in the car and leave lots of room in the trunk ... you won't come home empty handed!!

If you don't have kids .. stop and shop for those ... I think the pleasure of scoring a great buy is heightened when you have screaming kids hanging on you wanting to buy the stuffed bunny with the missing ear cause they "wub him." I think there may be a little latent bdsm something something going on ... pleasure and pain .... just you wait until they get to be teens ... I think then you officially become known as a masochist ....

LP Designs Garage
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