Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back Alley.


Worked once in a huge office that overlooked a back alley where ... some of the "interesting" things of the city took place ...

What I didn't understand was what the attraction was. It is dark, dirty, everyone knows you always find dead bodies there, the monster is hiding there, that is where the prostitutes hang out, the drug deals go down, the gang is waiting to beat the bejeebles out of ya, there is no escape cause it is a dead end or barbed wire fence or the police have it blocked ...


Sometimes I just wanted to run out there and shoosh them all away saying .. "kids kids come on, put those needles down and go back to your My Little Pony bedrooms in suburbia..." but then someone came and got me .. it was time to go to the big meeting to figure out where all the kids had gone and how we could best help them ...

Skin: League
HAIR: Truth
OUTFIT: Phoenix Rising
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
POSES: Twosome
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