Thursday, May 27, 2010

Behold the BirdCage.


I am really bummed that I was so limited in my thinking as a kid that I never looked beyond the obvious for fashion wear ...


I look at outfits like this that are just so cute and think damn all those combine and tractor parts lying around and they just annoyed me ....


I could have worn them!!!


And the fact it would have irritated the hell out of my grandfather just makes the whole idea even more exciting .... I mean this is the guy who forbade me to name any of the farm animals because they were not our pets for crying out loud ..... I can hear him now ... "PUT that Crank Shaft DOWN .. we don't wear farm equipment ... we tame the land with it for crying out loud. WE ARE FARMERS!!! What the helllll is wrong with you girl?? (there should be like a farm orchestra that plays some kind of bean growing symphony that stirs the hearts of all farmers when they make speeches like this ...) "Wait THAT is from my HAY Bailer!" "Is that my branding iron?"

I love it .. I am going to relive my childhood through hypnosis and go back and do all those things I should have done ... and didn't know about ...BONUS!!

SKIN: Curio
HAIR: Artilleri
LASHES: E'dior
JEWELLERY: Lily's Touch
FLOWER: Ticky Tacky
SHOES: Un Jour
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