Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Donna Flora Karen.

df karen 1

Here is Australia they are big on uniforms. They wear them to school and then in the work force you have the white collar uniforms, the blue collar uniforms and the flourescent uniforms.

df karen 3

The blue ones kind of suck .. anything dark and a blue shirt with a logo on it usually .. ugh and ugggily ... like I just could not live in that kind of box.

df karen 5

The white collar workers sometimes get the privilege of having a brand name designer doing their work ensembles and if they get really racy they get an extra seam here and a whoooot .. a ... scarf to add ....

df karen 2

The flouro guys get it the best .. they get anything fluoro, short shorts and work boots ...

df karen 4

Now THAT is fashion ... work it .....

SKIN: The Obscene
HAIR: Armidi
EARRINGS: Twinkleberry
OUTFITS: Donna Flora
PURSE: +Plus
SHOES: NX-Nardcotix
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