Monday, May 17, 2010

Here's $20.

gb 2

I really like this necklace .. so much so that while I was working on things for the last few days my avi was pretty much wandering the homestead and my studio with JUST the necklace on and nothing much else, which is fine in normal situations, but we had my mother-in-law staying with us ....

She walked in on me at one point and gasped and pointed to the screen screaming ... "She's naked .. your barbie is naked!"

I followed her pointing finger ... "Oh ya .. no biggy .. and it is BLISS not Barbie... "mom.""

"OMG what will the neighbours think? What if someone just drops in and sees you?"

"Oh not to worry we have radar and a security system, it ejects anyone who tries to come in. And besides I have seen what the neighbours do and nudity is like nothing to them trust me, they must have every sex hud going ...."

"Sex what???" and she pushed past me almost knocking me over with her oxygen tank on her way to throw up in the bathroom. I didn't think too much of it at the time .. she does that alot .. throws up when she sees me ...

I heard her later talking to my husband and asking him what kind of woman had he married and did he know I perved on the neighbours and what if one of the kids set off our security alarm and got ejected and were hurt and how does it exactly eject people anyway? We could be sued .. was it even legal?

Hubby sighed and asked if she wanted some more warm milk.

He told me later that I had to stop confusing the real world with SL conversations ... pointing out his mom lived in the real world. I was going to argue that but thought better of it and smiled and nodded but did take a moment to point out that I really was not in the habit of inviting the real life neighbours into my office to look at my "naked Barbie" on the screen but if he wanted me to take a step back into the Real World with his mom I could invite them over tomorrow and see what they thought .. maybe it would not turn out as bad as she thought .. at least she would actually know WHAT the neightbours thought, instead of having to guess all the time.

I am not sure what his answer was , it was muffled when he put the pillow over my head and pressed ... might have to see a doctor about that .. I can't hear through feathers like I used to ...

gb 1

This necklace has magical powers or something and you clear energy etc ... I am going to do a little ceremony and clear my mother in law ... and the neighbours ... they LOVED naked Barbie ...

SKIN: Sawode
HAIR: Simply Britnee Hair
LASHES: On The Catwalk
SHOES: Cattiva
POSES: Porcupine Love
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