Sunday, May 23, 2010


TBSC Maniera 1

"Maniera" is the beautiful gown designed as part of the Maniera Collection by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau. This collection as part of the Maniera Phenomenal Women Edition of which Kimmera was named one of 3 Women to be recognized.

TBSC Maniera 3

This Mesmerizing gown is a feast to the eyes with golds and silvers and shimmers of bronze, all folding into one another and creating a captivating dress. It comes with 4 skirt options - bubble, classic, mermaid and pantaloons. The top can be worn with or without the collar and the peplum is also detachable leaving you with endless combinations that could be worn for numerous different occasions.

The bodice is a gorgeous gold base halter neck that is beautiful in and of itself, with a line of overlayed leaves trailing down the one side at the front. Add either, or both, the collar and peplum, and you add cascading shimmering leaves of delicate gold filament that are simply a work of art.

TBSC Maniera 2

The skirt options are so lovely in the way they flow and the different shapes they create. The mermaid and the pantaloons introduce a soft silver and the whole effect is that of spun sugar floating around you … absolutely spell binding.

Sometimes, in dresses this fussy, they lose some of the classic sophistication, but Kimmera never misses, always creating the perfect balance and keeping the lines visible.

TBSC Maniera 4

This dress retails for $3000L and is available in store now.
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