Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ode to the Fishnet.

its 1

I adore fishnet stockings ... and kudos to the people who decided to make them ...I figure out boating one day the viking women were mending the fishnets and through a series of circumstances that even I have difficulty coming up with how you "accidentally" ever saw skin back in those days .. but it happened is all I know ... Sven saw the fishnet against Olga's thigh and let's just say there probably was not a whole lot of fishing go on that day!! It was Vikingagasma all over the good ship lollipop.

its 2

And that is the true story for how fishnet stockings came to be ... but it took them several years to figure out how to get the fish smell and seaweed outta there .. so that took to um ... 1960 something .... You can quote me on all this ya know for your university papers and stuff .... the history of fishnets ..... yup .. stay tuned for the history of hairnets next time ....

HAIR: Truth
LASHES: Silhouette
SHIRT: Leezu
SKIRT: Mimikri
LEGGINGS: E! Eclectic Apparel
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