Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sound Of Music ...


These are recreations of some of the cut scenes from "The Sound of Music." First this is her up in the hills just after her breast job, singing one of the songs cut from the film .. "Where have all the Goat herders gone, Long time Yodelling, Where have all the Goat herders gone, Long time ago ....." and the travelling band of monks show up over the horizon and do this fantastic dance scene with her complete with tap dancing and some under water scenes ....


This scene is right after she checks into the nunnery and they tell her the bit about binding her breasts and she has a poignant moment of doubt where she runs to the hills screaming (in song)... "BIND ME NOT - Old Man River, I will look like a little tea-pot short and stout .. "and she is joined by the goat herders just "found by travelling monks ... every one..." - for a spectacular dance number complete with high wire acts and a mean clogging scene that is just to die for ...


And this scene is just one of the many close-ups they cut where she purses her lips and licks them a little and the director screamed "CUT .. we are not doing porn for crying out loud!!!! Think lederhosen and goat herders!!" "When will they ever learn?" And then she was joined by some midgets dressed in giant lederhosen and there is this whimsical dream sequence dance number where guys in tights join her and she runs off and never joins the nunnery at all ....

Of course .. if they had left those scenes in, it might have made the whole "these are few of my favourite things" song .. kind of unbelievable .. whiskers on kittens ... pffft ....

SKIN: Firefall
HAIR: Dr. Life
LASHES: Belleza
TOP: BoA creations
SKIRT: LG Concepts
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
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