Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Aha .. a name I do not know .... so now the imprint of Sylwia will be of a ME .. cause I wear the skin and therefore Sylwia is me and if I have issues with Sylwia then I would have issues with me and I think that is definitely a whole trip down towards having the personality of a hemorrhoid ... and I don't .. well I have a personality .. but am hemorrhoid free .. if that is too much information look away and think about bunnies or icecream or something and pretend I didn't say anything ... in fact .. you should just shut your computer off now and come back tomorrow and when you do .. SHOP at Candy Doll and get your Sylwia skins with a bazillion gazillion options and fab prices and oh oh oh .... there are lots of other skins there too .. something for everyone ... trust me .. I have a personality and I am not afraid to use it ...


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