Thursday, May 13, 2010

Topaz Golden.

TBSC Topaz Golden 2

Topaz reappears in stunning golds and bronzes that glow under the ballroom lights and the evening sky. This is the dress that entrances are made for! You appear on the top of the stairs fashionably late, the ball is in full swing and everyone, including the music … stops ….

You stand poised on the stairs. Everyone inhales and holds onto their breath as they take in the beauty that is you, gold and bronze bustled satin cascading down your sleek body, accenting your curves, tumbling downward, pooling behind you … Your hand moves to your hip, pushing back the floor length contrasting coat made of the same satin, opulent in its excess. As you place your hand on your hip you search the dance floor for "him." The coat moves to the side showing the beautiful lines and ruffles of the exquisite gown. The exquisite jewelled detail at the gathered bust catches the light, the soft matching necklet of butterfly like caramel lace kisses your face. You smile and begin your descent ….. The music begins again and everyone dances, still unable to take their eyes off of you …

TBSC Topaz Golden 3

Whether you are coming or going, the dress is a dream and you are a lady deserving of only the very best. Topaz Golden retails for $800L at Tres Beau, made by the talented Kimmera Madison.

TBSC Topaz Golden 1

SKIN: Dutch Touch
LASHES: Wasabi
HAIR: JE Republic
EARRINGS: Dark Mouse
DRESS: Tres Beau
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