Saturday, May 15, 2010

When White is Right!


Dressing in complete white has different connotations ... like if you try to do it after Labour Day beware of fashionistas with big sticks ... although now there is Winter White which is acceptable .. I think on account of Tyra Banks fell in the snow once and tried to cover her faux pasing with a .. "this is the look I was going for .. winter white ... " that is how professionals are .. always managing to make their faux pas look planned. I tried that as a kid and it just got me into more trouble ..

"What the hell do you think you are doing tying your brother up with his underwear in the closet and leaving him like that for hours??"

"Well ... I felt he lacked discipline and this would either bring the man out of him or eliminate him completely .. either way for us, his family ... BONUS!!!"

"YOU actually THOUGHT this through and STILL went ahead with it???"

"Yes just like Tyra Banks .... um .. maybe not .. wait let me restate that...."


Years of wearing another kind of white with negative connotations ... in the institution .. only one could argue that was more of a kind of dull grayish white .... but after enough meds .. no-one argues about anything ...


So you can appreciate the therapeutic value a white outfit like this has one me as I run through the fields trying to forget the smirk on my brothers face on visiting days .....

SKIN: CandyDoll
HAIR: Boon
SHOES: Donna Flora
DRESS: Mimikri
POSES: Glitterati
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