Monday, June 21, 2010

The Art Of Femininininity.


I had a teacher once who did not think it was so cool for me to be out catching frogs, killing mice and playing football with the boys. I was not ripped about playing back stabbing, suck upping and bra stuffing with the girls. She said .. "You know Bliss (I couldn't be sure here but I swear she sucked in her cheeks and her eyes crossed .. but there is every possibility that it was MY eyes that were crossing .. so I don't wanna judge .. you feel free to though ... )You know Bliss ....there is such a thing as the ART of Femininity. (big pause for effect - completely wasted on me ..)AND .... you would do well to cultivate it..."


I assured her I was neither an artist nor a farmer so need to do farm art in a feminine way ... Did she want to see my frog collection?

sbg 3

You know that is just one of the many handy little tips I learned along lifes way .. whenever some uppity old bat starts in on you about well .. just about anything ... pull out the frog collection ... you will be amazed at how quickly those types disperse.

I sent that idea into my local law enforcement agency .. no need for mace or guns ... just bring out the frog collection ...

The animal protection people came to see me the next day .. they did not use mace or guns ... but I guess technically .. a stungun .. is a gun ... so scratch that to .. they did not use mace.

I lost my frog collection. I live in total fear now that I will be approached by the uppity's. Please pray for me.

More pics here

SKIN: Clover
HAIR: Boon
DRESS: G Sloane Couture
SHOES: Kalnins
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