Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bedroom Hair. (A made up story that has nothing to do with me.)


Life is not fair .... one person does something and everyone is all like ... impressed .. and then the next person does the exact same thing and everyone is all like .. NOT impressed.


So when someone stumbled out of bed one morning and showed up with messy hair and pronounced it "bed hair" and everyone was like soooo trying to date her and thinking wow she is so hot .... how come the next day that one girl who fetches coffee and normally has her hair in a tight ass bun so tight that her nostrils now end somewhere where her ears used to be and her ears now are a growth on the back of her head shows up with her blouse undone, her shirt half tucked, one shoe missing, and uncombed hair .... pursing her lips and going "oooooo" and squinting her eyes as she looks at you and she says ..."bedroom everything..." everyone suddenly looks at her through new eyes and goes wow .. can you believe it ...


what a disgusting slob ..

...and they fire her ass???

(btw that story just came to me ... it has nothing to do with me and my last job as a coffee girl and getting slapped with an indecent exposure charge just before I was fired ...)

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: Nouveau Miranda
LASHES: OH lashes
SHIRT: Mix n Match (no longer available)
SKIRT: Leezu
POSES: Everglow
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