Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carnival at the Boudoir.


I used to always want long hair when I was younger .. well I did for the times I was playing the beautiful princess - when I was out playing football with my brother - not so much...


I figured out though that you could put a skirt on your head with the waist band being the head band and the whole flick your hair over your shoulders was suddenly a reality ... well if plaid was a hair color that is .. which I found out .. it isn't ...


Now that I am an adult I know that wearing a skirt on your head is silly and that you can have long hair and still kick your brothers butt in football. I have moved on to more grown up desires .. like I wanna go to carnival and wear one of these outfits and the cool thing is ... chances are .. being from Vitablela... she has probably made this in real life as well. One day I am going to go to her shop in real life and buy this outfit ... and wear it to Carnival ...


as soon as I find a really good body sock/girdle/ flesh retaining wall - yet invisible and incredibly sexy and lacy - type underwear ... we will be good to go ...

SKIN: Lion Skins
HAIR: Posh
LASHES: Chaisuki
OUTFIT: Boudoir
SHOES: Bella Donna
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