Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Change Closet.


This works really well. Your kid or hubby or mother in law is being a grumpy-pants. You threaten them with the "change closet" unless their attitude rearranges itself like um .. yesterday ....

They continue.

You march them (or cattle prod them or push the walker towards .. just get them there) the change closet and stand them in front of it and explain it one last time.


This is the change closet - you go in with a stinky-ass attitude and it is magic .. you stay in there until the attitude rearranges inside you and we tell this by the same rearrangement on your face and the newly flacid middle finger no longer pointing skyward. Ready?

Open Door.
Close Door.
Stir occassionaly.
Test for doneness by opening the door only a crack andd observing the facial arrangements.


Poke with stick ... if it comes out half bitten off .. give it another hour or day or week.

Once done open door, open arms, embrace (except NOT the mother-in-law you don't want to go there ...) and proceed with your day.

Um ya ... this is me in the change closet ... my kids are laughing on the other side ,... they say they lost the key .....

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: Shag hair
LASHES: OH lashes
SHIRT: Asrock
PANTS: Cynful
BRACELETS: Ticky Tacky
SHOES: LeLutka
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