Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Find My Way!


Another sneak peek at the fabulous creations of Ms. ColeMarie ...

I am really feeling this dress simply because it is just so darn practical and versatile. I mean come on think about it .. you are soooo tired of those pesky tourists stopping you on the street and asking if you know where the fungus and hubcab exhibit is in town ... you already have arrows pointing .. you could even label them and then just turn yourself so that your are lined up with the north pole or something and then I think that does something to the dawning of Aquarius too and you vibrate better .. at least that happened to me when I tried it .. OR it may have been that my vibrator in my purse accidentally got turned on .. happens some time ..


You could "give direction" to wayward teens in their life simply by standing in front of them and twirling ... teens are like that they LOVE demonstrations on life lessons .. I use my hand puppets all the time with mine.

You could be a public service announcement and save lost children .... you could stand in the middle of traffic and direct it when the policeman's hand gets tired ...


You could save a fortune on your hubby's need to have a speaking map lady gadget in his car ... you could listen carefully to where he wants to go and simply stand on your seat or even climb out on top of the hood of the car and hold a flashlight and point the way ....

You could point out the obvious, make several points at once .. the possibilities here are endless ....


THIS is the kind of superhero costume I've been talking about. It is a superhero costume for the modern woman. It is MY superhero Costume ...People can NO longer call me pointless or dismiss me ... I am LARGE and in CHARGE ....and look how GOOD I look being bossy!!!!


Oh wait ... I have to get off your coffee table now .. sorry about the scratches .. ColeMarie is calling .. she wants her dress back ....

(disclaimer: the lightning does not come with this dress .. it just happens sometimes when I lift my arms up ...)
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