Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Humma Momma.


I think the beauty pageant dudettes are really talented .. I mean come on ... all that stuff they know about world peace .. AND ....stilettos with bathing suits??? WHOA!!


I have actually tried that at the farm when I was younger ... I put on a pair of really high heels and my bathing suit and tried to walk all around the old swimming hole down by the creek .... It was really hard ... the heel kept getting stuck in the cow patties and the gopher holes .... and cows are a tough audience let me tell you .. they should play poker cause they don't give away anything .. just the straight ... "I am a cow eating grass" face ....


The day was a complete disaster and whoa did I ever get in trouble when grandpa discovered his best heels had cow doo doo on them ....

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: LoQ Hairs
LASHES: Garage
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
POSES: EverGlow
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