Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Easy Being Green.


This design was born out of a childhood game where Drinkinstein Sorbet used to run as a child amongst the gardens of her people.


The children would play hide and seek amongst the lettuce and the cabbage and Drinkinstein never ever won because her mother insisted she wear fluorescent orange frilly dresses to prevent shopping carts from bumping into her. As little Drinky (as her friends liked to call her) lay there crying amongst the greenery as she was "found" over and over again she swore one day she would design a dress ... as part of the ongoing therapy she would need to recover from never being able to hide ....that would allow children everywere to lie down amongst the lettuce and cabbage and hide properly .....


So she did .. and I bought it and am now hiding in the cabbage and the lettuce .. you can't see me because I am hidden .. it is a great dress ... THE END.

OH .. pay no attention whatsoever to the name antifreeze .. that is another story about Drinky's great aunt who had NO clothes ...has nothing to do with this outfit ..

...um .. none of this is true at all .. but what a swell story huh??...

SKIN: Chic
HAIR: Truth
DRESS: Sea Hole
SHOES: Ingenue
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