Thursday, June 3, 2010

Padded Bras.


I never really understood the whole padded bra thing ... girls stuffing toilet paper and socks in their bra's, looking like they perhaps had some type of leprosy going on underneath there or that, depending on work socks or tennis, they had some dreadful condition that caused them to swell up at times....


I used to like to run up to the snotty girls after they came out of the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper in my hand , in front of everyone, screaming ... "WAIT WAIT .. you dropped this out of your shirt..."

Their hand would immediately go to their breast to check,...... BUSTED!! No need for rumours and innuendos, 2nd down 10 yards to go, quarterback sneak .. TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

They really did look ridiculous though ....


Which is why I told my brother ... use bean bags ... they look a lot more natural ....

Seldom Blue
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