Tuesday, June 8, 2010



I had these red patent leather shoes as a kid. I liked them alot. They are in many of the photos I have of me as a kid. Everytime they take the photos out they would go ... "awww look there are her red patent leather shoes ... " Then they turn to me and try to pinch my cheeks and say things like ... (you kind of have to think 90 years old and squealing when you read this next bit) "Your were soooo cute .. you would NEVER take those shoes off .. ever. You used to even wear them to bed ..." (if you have something to simulate the clicking of false teeth here that would be sooo authentic to the real situation ...) Now if you could get one of your co-workers to sort of stand up in his cubicle and look around the corner and smirk .. in that self satisfying annoying brother kinda way ... oh oh and get some pins and stick them in your eye at the same time because that will give you the overall sense of the frustration and pain I feel everytime they do that to me ... the open bleeding childhood scars of irreparable emotional damage oozing onto the pages of ones life ......


Hello people??? I was born a beautiful fashionista .. I may have only been 5 but the fact is I knew that red patent leather did not go with green and yellow My Little Pony Jammies .. not unless you were going to plant me next to the Christmas Tree and hang lights on me .... pffft pullllease ....

AND did anyone bother to read that foot binding was banned years ago and at 12 my feet should not have fit in those shoes anymore? AND did no-one ever wonder why I did not take them off to bathe or to swim? AND NO fashionista lives with one pair of shoes .. no matter how fabulous a spark red throws into any outfit .... AND did no-one notice the pain on my face and more importantly ... the sickening smirk on my brother's who appeared just out of focus in every picture?

Where do you think Crazy Glue came from folks???

SKIN: Redgrave
HAIR: Dernier Cri
DRESS: Pacadi Jasha
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