Saturday, June 26, 2010

Squids and Clams and Octopi.


My dweeby brother always got us into trouble. Like the time we were eating clam chowder and he decided it was important to open one of them up and show me the GUTS (you have to really emphasize this word and say it with such loathing and disgust .. kind of like some people in here say "breasts") of the clam that I was eating ...


I ignored him at first ...


And then he got so into it and graphic that even he was sick. Our mom made us sit there and look at one another until we ate every bite ... hours .. it congealed .. the afternoon passed ....supper came and went .... it was bedtime....

Funny how when the parents bring up bedtime it is all good ... but when YOU bring it up .... you are being a smartass ...

SKIN: Twilythula
HAIR: Tekeli-li
LASHES: UK currently unavailable
DRESS: Sea Hole
SHOES: Gbberish
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