Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stylin' with Sheers.


I actually discovered the short sheered haircut .. kind of by accident .... but I know for sure it was all me. Yup ... just kind of got the gardening sheers in my hands .. was deeply pondering what else those sheers could cut and why they weren't called gardening SCISSORS as they acted like scissors, sounded like scissors and looked like scissors (at 4 I was not yet up on all the important sayisms of life and hence the "quacking duck" was not part of my logical processing ...)

And my hand just sort of intuitively moved to my hair and I began to cut, somewhat mesmerized by the power I now held in my hand and voila .. within seconds ... hair that used to be on my head, lay about me on the floor and I had given birth to the sheered haircut.


I thought I had it made when I casually tried to claim I had "planned the whole thing" and was quite pleased with the effect ... unfortunately parents call that pre-meditiation and they use that kind of information to convince the Grandfather judge to throw you in the slammer for a long long time.

My hair cutting ability has not greatly improved although there have been willing victims over the years (well .. define "willing" ... they said "sure" the first time and then after that it was harder to get them to co-operate and hence my scrapbooks of restraining orders ....)

I cut my hubby's hair and then told him the the bathroom door had locked on itself and not to worry I would get it opened later ... I thought I was home clear until I brought him his shoes to go out and he asked me how come there was a hunk of wood glue gunned to the bottom of one of them ....

He looked at me and said ... "the bathroom door is open isn't it?"


"I shouldn't look, should I?"

"mmm mmm."

bob 3

I tried to explain that if he would just shut up and wear the shoes .. his hair looked quite even and no-one would notice a thing ... well except for that one bald spot in the back but I had a black marking pen and we could fill it in a little so it wasn't quite so .. um .. pink ....

He went and found an old Toque and wore it .. in Australia .. in 40 degree heat ....

The kids thought he looked "stylin"

I love happy endings.

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