Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Sweater and Marital Communication Break Downs.

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I told my hubby I love this sweater.

He said, "huh?"

Oh but only after I had gone on and on and then there was heavy silence with me staring at him over my computer for about an hour.

He is really sensitive like that and picks up on those vibes ... he looked like a deer caught in the headlight when he finally looked up at me and I narrowed my eyes and hissed at him and he began to sputter ...

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"...uh...yes what I meant was, of course dear, sweater right ... what is that you love about it?"

Great recovery .. but he needed to tone down some of the enthusiasm in his voice it was overkill and a dead give away he was patronizing me ... but I never let little things like that deter me .."

"I love the way is wraps around you like it is giving you a hug ... it is just so ... you know it looks like it is made of cashmere and I can feel how soft it would be against the skin you know ..."

He nodded ..."cashmere against your breasts hanging out but you do know that those are just pixels right? And in real life you could never wear a sweater like that without anything underneath for a couple of reasons ... the most important is ... your breasts don't look like that... and secondly they would fall out all the time."

Now he was pissing me off.

"I guess I am really fortunate then that I am wearing it in SL aren't I. Do you think just once you could like close your eyes and forget the real world and just be one moment in mine and feel the magic? "


The appropriate response would have been "yes dear," and to close his eyes ...but NO he continued ...

"No ... this is good .. I think we should embrace the ideas of SL.. like a sweater that hugs you ... like swaddling a baby. That's a great idea. In fact, imagine if I could swaddle YOU sometimes and keep you from multi-tasking every second you would have to sit and just be in the real world with me ... and um ... the rest of the human race ..... Then maybe you would pay attention to what I am saying for once and not ignore ME."

"That's ridiculous!"

"What's ridiculous about it?"

"You're a man. You can be looking at me and still not listening. I am a woman .. hence the boobs. That's a neat little trick so you can tell the difference between you and I .. I am the one with the boobs ...

"AND just because I am not looking at you, I have the music going and I am typing on the computer having sex with my hubby in SL DOES not mean that I am not paying attention and am not capable of hanging on every word that you say."

We worked in silence for a few moments ... him trying to think of a good response and me working hard on something he had said ... and then I had it ...

"Aha ... SEE!! If I squish my arms together like this and prop this pillow here and lean in and the light hits just right my boobs look EXACTLY like they do in SL!!"

"Don't just sit there for crying out loud .. grab the camera!!!"

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: Truth
SHOES: Hucci
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