Friday, June 4, 2010

Three Owls.


My sister-in-law called me once and said ...."I just saw 3 owls outside my kitchen window, what does that mean?"

"Not sure, do you have any carrion draped around the kitchen window?"

"What do you mean "carrion"?"

*rolling my eyes* She is such a city girl. "You know road kill, dead mice, bits and pieces of the neighbours dog, entrails .. anything like that ..."

"NO!" She sounded exasperated. "You know what I mean like .. YOUR PEOPLE do all that symbolic animal stuff and what it means your totem pole animal or something. I saw all about it on tv once .. Jerry Springer was talking about it .. well not him actually . one of his guests was into it cause it helped him find the woman he loved who he was meeting for the first time only she turned out to be a truck driving man who was once his mother ... but what I mean is, well I just wondered, what does seeing three owls mean .. I know it is something significant .. like good luck or something ..??"

owled 2

MY PEOPLE??? The Swedes? Scottish? Canadian? ... who knew? Damn I missed more classes than I ever realized. I quickly googled through everything I could find on owls cause I just did not want her to be disappointed in MY PEOPLE because I did not pay more attention in school.

I skipped the stuff on "omen of death" and headed for the more happy blogger's answers ... it clearly meant "wisdom" as in she could share that with them ,or maybe even "protector," but there was one small catch ... she needed to wear some of their feathers ..

"How would I get their feathers?"

"Do you speak owl? You could ask."

She snorted into the phone ....

"Well let me try .. MY PEOPLE are owl whisperers too so hold the phone out the open window and let me try and talk to them ...."

I spent some time explaining to the owls that I knew they were probably lost, and forgive me for the intrusion on their family time but if they could see the woman holding the phone out the window and how ridiculous she looked, could they cut me some slack and please just drop a feather or two for her cause frankly I had better things to do and I was sure they did as well ... and this conversation was just really getting weird ...

owled 3

Evidently at about the same time the neighbours came home, saw her with her hand out the window with the phone in it - pointed at the owls and they called the police. It was pretty creepy .... They were afraid to go near their house until the place was secured .. she really freaked them out .. and when the sirens all sounded up the street as they approached it scared the owls and they flew off in a frenzy and one of them dropped a couple feathers!!

My sister in law was amazed. She squealed into the phone that she didn't know what I said but it worked! And then she was running outside in her housecoat to grab the feathers ...and asking me where she should wear them and shouted, "I've tucked them in my bra .... Does it count if no-one else can see them? Should I put one in my hair? ".... and then the phone must have dropped in the bushes and I heard..

"It's ok ma'm they're hear to help you ,.... just relax .. What did you do with the owls ... "

And a Scream .....and ...

"my feathers ... where did my feathers go .... it means I am wise and protected ... I need ....."

And then it all got kind of slurry and I heard a sound like stretcher being snapped into service and some straps being done up and gates closing ...

I was impressed ..

That totem animal thing really works .. wisdom and protection ....

Call me sometime and we can discuss your totem animal. MY PEOPLE ROCK on that kind of stuff.

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