Monday, June 7, 2010


ty 2

Evidently for the summer, the fashion mags feel the need to tell us that armpits smeared with white flecks of deodorant are not "in" ... wow am I glad I read that .... I ran right in and had to find something else to wear ....

ty 3

In Canada they have the "down under clubs" for the Aussies and New Zealanders living there to be able to find one another and hang out.....yup ... basically a reason for them to get together and have more excuses to drink ....


So naturally when I came to Australia I looked for the "Up Abover Clubs" cause I like to drink too ... and hey I don't really care if it is other Canadians or not .. anyone will do ... so far there is me, a guy who thought this was the monthly meeting for AA and I haven't the heart to turn him away so I always find a way to throw in .. "just say no" into my welcome....before I serve the beer .... and some lady whose daughter was shopping, saw the empty chairs and parks her mother there for about an hour. We have a swell time .... well those two do ... I think they are dating ...

I love happy endings ...

HAIR: Truth
LASHES: Belleza
DRESS: Trubble
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
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