Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Whole Range of Stuff.


Sometimes it is really hard to just wander around SL and get pictures because stuff just does not co-operate.


Like while you are waiting for the pics to unfreeze your computer while you take them someone invariably gets worried cause you are not wearing the right costume for the sim and you are just standing there and maybe you are up to no good. So just like in real life when that happens .. people say .. "Hi there, can I help you with anything?" It's not like they really mean it though .. they say that cause those are just some of those non-sensical words that people put together when they have to say something and want to speak jibberish. You know like "how are you?" and "wow sorry to hear that, if there is ever anything I can do just let me know."

Sometimes I like to try and answer those questions just for fun .. like when they ask "how are you?" I say "I am a lot better since they amputated my leg, it seems to have shrunk the brain tumor and they have now said I should have a good 4 or 5 days to live rather than just 3." And then people still say ... "That's great." as they walk away .. and me and my friends we laugh and laugh cause laughter can cure brain tumors you know ....


Other times I like to answer the "can I help you with anything" with "...well which do you want to take .. the baby with the exploding diaper or the whiny hubby who wants me to be more sexy and try to get out of the flannel jammies at least once a month? cause I think I can handle the shopping here now you get first pick of the other two ..." They always walk away ... because they really are not wanting to help they just like to annoy you alot by raising your hopes to the tops of the highest mountain so that you feel like you could just reach your hand up and touch heaven and maybe find the hand of an angel or Aunt Martha to hold ....and then dashing those hopes onto the ground so that they break into a bazillion pieces of broken dreams and you know you can never put it back together again and that life just sucks ...


But most of the time I just say "No thanks, just looking." and I smile because that is what a good upbringing does for you. You learn how to smile on the outside even though you are crying on the inside..

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SKIN: Atomic
HAIR: Glam Affair
DRESS: AlaFolie
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