Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aimesi Leona.


Note to self: A good rule of thumb (which actually means this is the thickness of the stick a man used to be allowed to beat his wife with which is sooo outdated ... see the new law ... the "rule of big ass tree trunk" .. the new feminist change to the laws of retaliation ... meant to be introduced in the 70's however they got carried away with bra burning .. then some of the other non-bra stuff that was also burning at the time made them forget and get the munchies ....)

Let's try again ...

A GOOD IDEA is ... once flowers no longer have petals and are simply a brown stick in your hair ... it is time to find a new style .. move on .. DO NOT get caught in the past ..

...anyone got a bra I can borrow .. mine got burnt ....
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