Friday, July 2, 2010


TBSC Asia 1

Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau is back with a fresh new set of designs and an Asian influence. Her first offering is this beautiful and sexy pant outfit in a muted raspberry Chinese silk. Just look at the detailing in the texture and you can feel it beneath your fingers and against your skin. Sooooo decadent for summer!!

TBSC Asia 2

The cropped halter top fits snug over the bust and then flirts with a small skirt that provide modesty while still allowing for this to be the perfect outfit for a hot summer date night, when you want to still be cool, but also to achieve that look that turns heads and insures your man will not be looking anywhere else. Kimmera has detailed the halter with a beautiful scarf of the same material, simply caught with a contrasting black frog and then fluttering at the chest with ribboned edges. How incredibly pretty!

The pants for this outfit are the real wow factor. Hugging the hips with the same gorgeous, ribbon edged, Chinese silk these pants are accented at either side with an unexpected ruffle of material. Kimmera has done it so well that it comes off looking almost like a bustled skirt. Keeping the length to a summery capri, she has added a slit up the front of one leg and added black frogs down the opening, drawing the eye, showing of some fabulous tanned leg, and creating a very dramatic presentation.

TBSC Asia 3

This is such a lovely outfit ... the colour, the textures, the details … all work to make this a fantastic summery option for those extra special occasions where you want the wow factor, without a fussy dress but something that allows you to be completely relaxed.

Asia is in store now and retails for 500L.
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