Sunday, July 11, 2010



I tried Ballet once ... I made my brother do it with me and I must say he looked bloody retarded in his long johns .. but only cause the trap door kept flapping in the breeze. I had to get him some pics to show him and prove that there were no trap doors flapping in Swan Lake. Don't know why he made such a fuss about wearing my leotards .. or grandma's pantyhose for that matter .. THEY at least had "energizing legs" in them .. but he said that none of the ballerinas in the picture had elephant legs which is what his looked like with pantyhose bunched all around his ankles. Pantyhose should always be stretched .. it is a fashion and ballet rule ...


The thing is he is such a weanie .... and then he insisted that his tutu wasn't big enough and so he put on a Christmas wreath and I got holly stuck in my ear when I lifted him .... I must admit though ... in the pictures I took of the event (purely for blackmail purposes) he makes a really pretty ballerina ... if you kinda squint your eyes and hold the pic under the covers ....THICK covers that take away most of the light.....

I am the ones in the jeans and tshirt in the pic .. I was dancing to a modern interp of West Side Story .. he was the only one doing Swan Lake.
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