Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friendship Bracelets.


It really bugs me when you log onto places and they say ... Bliss Windlow has 0 Gifts. Bliss Windlow has 0 friends. She seems to be having trouble finding friends ... can you help suggest some for her?


Ya ok ... if I have 0 friends then YOU are obviously NOT my friend but PLEASE give me some suggestions on who you think I could be friends with .. I will hold my breath .. and pee my pants a little just at the mere thought of having a hand picked friend from YOU Ms. Popularity with 3,892 of your dearest buds hanging with you sending you pet monkeys.

It is just like dating on the computer isn't it? "We match you on deep levels of compatibility." Right, so you ask probing questions and no-one ever lies right? So my question is when they say they are in their 30's and like to stay fit and they show up and they are 80 and using a walker to hoist some 400 lbs around ... what hope do you really have that the rest of what they said is true?


I say fake it until you make it. Send yourself valentines, make your own friendship bracelets, buy your own pet monkeys and singing sheep to send to yourself, you are probably safer that way and certainly have a good friend for life ....

SKIN: Lara
HAIR: Truth
LASHES: Silhouette
DRESS: Adam N Eve
SHOES: Clockwork Designs
JEWELLERY: Donna Flora
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