Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Love Wearing Heels at the Beach.


Ever since I watched beauty pageants as a kid (forced to cause the Biffster insisted we watch all those things)and saw high heels with bathing suits .. I was in.


Originally it was simply cause the damage heels could inflict as opposed to rubber thongs (canadian for flip flops - and yes just imagine how confused we were when thongs came out in underwear and bathing suits .. it was not a pretty sight let me tell you ...all those white people on the beach with first strips of brightly coloured material between their toes and then later with rubber flat shoes on their who-who's) I wore the heels because not only could I kick sand in Biff's face, I could leave permanent marks on his face when he decided he could pick me up and throw me in the slough ....or cow trough ... or whatever ....


And then fashion won me over ... cause that is how it happens folks .. the unfolding of the fashionista in all its splendiforous glory ....

SKIN: Laqroki
HAIR: Dr. Life
SHOES: jcshoe
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