Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's A Fav.


A woman falls in love with her clothes and if she is really lucky she becomes wealthy enough or famous enough where she can only wear things once cause she will be photographed ... talk about sucking the big weenie .. that really sucks ....


'Cause don't you love finding the perfect outfit??

Remember the jeans you had as a teen that you always wore, or the dress that you hang on to in your closet because it is just the most amazing colour on you and makes you look incredible and everyone always comments .. AND you got it for so much less than the original price????

That is some of the best parts of fashion and being a woman .. pulling together those knock out outfits and getting rave reviews and then the next time you go to wear them all the angst is gone because you just know .. THIS ONE is fantastic.

Yup women are really blessed to have that kind of fashion sense and to be able to enjoy lovely clothes again and again ....


Ok disclaimer .. men you should NEVER attempt repeating outfits on your own .. UNLESS your mom, wife or girlfriend has designated them as such. I am not talking about sweat pants, worn out slippers and a pull over sweatshirt with Bubba the Buzzard on it swilling beer. The key to this story was the incredible reaction from others.... when you wear that out to the mall and women everywhere hoot and holler and the sales clerks in the mens stores stop and ask you where you shop .. then you have my blessing ... sweat pant away ...

SKIN: deKade
HAIR: 69
SHOES: Lelutka
POSES: Everglow
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