Thursday, July 15, 2010

MOM and DAD are getting Married!!!

Ruthy Tres Beau

I am so excited MOM and DAD are getting married and I get to be the flower girl .....MOM said it on Fabulous Fashion in front of witnesses .. she loves me best as my natural self "short and chubby" were the words I think she used .... when she called me her favourite pet name .. RUTHED. THis is me BLISS ... without the make-up ... just another testament to the wonderful talent of Kimmera Madison and how she makes everything look great. Everyone says when I wear my hair like this I look JUST like her. I am not sure about DAD though ..... he is kind of strict and makes me practice spelling and stuff .... but the important stuff here is they are getting married. Soon they will be Mr and Mrs TresBeauFallMadison and we will be a happy family .. I am not sure but I think I get a whole bunch of presents and stuff .. but if that isn't true .. it should be .. I should get presents .. YOU should send me presents ... you have no idea what it has been like around here ... I have had to tiptoe around and make lots of noises before I knock on my puter and half the time they show up wearing each others clothes and their hair is all over the place and they are always gasping for breath ... I think they smoke or something in that back room ...

They are always making googly eyes at one another and calling each other pet names like Navey Wavey Umpy Dumplings and Kimmy Wimmy Woombie Boombie ... and when they play a lot of silly games .. I think one of them is baseball cause I hear them yelling sometimes things like .. "NO NO that is my ball .. you have the wrong ball .. the pink one is mine ..."

Anyways ... ya ... write it down ... the Navester and the Kimster ... getting married .. like none of us saw THAT coming .... pffft .....
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