Friday, July 16, 2010


TBSC Nadine 1

Nadine is one of the next ensembles from the new pages of Kimmera Madison with Tres Beau. One wonders where she finds the time for her whirlwind life and her steamy romances. I think perhaps her muse, Nave Fall, must be credited for some of her endless energy, he is certainly responsible for the ridiculous grin that is permanently plastered on her face …..but I digress ….

Nadine is one of the amazing groupings Kimmera does where you have as many options as you can think of with all the pieces. Pants, capris, skirt … to peplum or not .. that is the question …

The top is a beautiful glossy Satin with a gorgeous taupe, grey and white paisley pattern, I absolutely loved the look of the simpler top with the pants, so very pretty. She sets the design of the top off with a low cut black collar. Add the peplum with its signature ruffles and luxurious extravagance of material, and you feel completely decadent. It is always 3 things for me with Kimmera's designs .. The lines, the gorgeous textures and that NOTHING is ever skimped on.

Simple accompanying pants, capris and pencil skirt - all of them in black, only serve to further showcase the gorgeous top. AND of course we have one of Kimmera's fabulous hats, for that sexy, eye peek that no man can resists.

TBSC Nadine 2

Nadine is in the store now and retails for $700L.
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