Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two things....


That is part of a saying my grandmother always told me .. "There are two things nice clothes don't cover up ... dirt and a loud mouth ..." I understand what she meant better now than I did as a kid ... but it is true, lots of people dress the part but it does not make them worthy of our attention. This is a case in the reverse.

For me, when you wear something over and over .. that is a pretty good yardstick that this is an outfit worth wearing. When you consistenly go to a store because you notice that you are wearing THOSE outfits over and over then you know you have hit on something.


Here it is in a nutshell .. I love aDiva. AnneJoy Paine is a classy lady who is friendly and approachable. She is talented. Her prices are not only reasonable, her designs are awesome and she always includes so much more than just the bare bones of an outfit .. AND those extras are things you go "OHHHH .. wow" over, instead of pulling them out and replacing them with something else."

She was as nice to me the first time I met her as a completely dweebie noob as she is now. THAT is saying something. And no, we don't "hang" together and she did not pay me for this endorsement. She never even asks you to blog her .... that is just the way she is ... confident, strong, talented!

aDiva Couture .. worth a visit ....
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