Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Aisle are these Bathing Suits In??


Ok I think these are my favourite bathing suits of all time. You know sometimes when you open that folder you wince a little bit even when you are not sticking pins in your eyes to try and keep them open .. but this time .. BAM!!!

I quickly grabbed my pics and ran over to the local Crazy Clarks and showed them the pic and asked where the swimsuits were that looked like that .. they didn't have any ... but I got some swell ant spray on sale... Then I headed straight to the upmarket Dimmys .... no luck there either ...sigh ...but I did get some nice doilies and a glass kitten with sparkles and fairy wings. She glows in the dark.


I came home and was soooo down until I thought .. hey I will be a designer!! So I grabbed my own bathing suits and started cutting, ripped some lace off an old brides maid dress, and found my glue gun (pulled of the extra vibrating attachment) and voila .. I looked smashing ...


And then hubby came home and said "What the hell?"


He pointed at me up and down, shaking his head ....

I tossed me hair (learned that from Paisley) and swore (learned that from Angie) and told him "I am trying my hand at designing .. see ..." and I pointed to the computer screen.

He looked at the screen, he looked at me, he looked at the screen, he looked at me .. he started to speak, he stopped, he started to speak, he stopped .... and said simply ... "Um .. .you know .. you are not .. I mean um .. it is just not ... uhhhh ....the same."


"Pfft of course not .. that one is green and mine is red with little fishies on it ..."

He just walked away and said "That is great BLISS .. you just make sure you keep the sheets up on all the mirrors and you will be fine ...."

I think I detected just a note of condescending patroniziationalism in his voice ....but I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt ....

Seldom Blue
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