Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ballet Class.


I am a firm believer that as adults we should do everything we wanted to do ... no excuses that your parents did not get you piano lessons .. go take lessons now ... never got to do figure skating .. do it now ...


So there I was front and centre with about a dozen new 3 year old ballerinas doing our impression of butterflies while we ran around after Miss Lindsey and fluttered our arms and looked like butterflies are supposed to .... which evidently small children know and I must admit I never studied butterfly facial features as a child ... maybe because most of the butterflies in Canada are frozen and ... dead ... and that would be ... just sick ....

BUT .. I quickly studied the others and copied their expressions which was a cross between angst and yearning ... yangsting ... although my hubby said I just looked constipated .... I ran I fluttered ...


and I managed to knock over 3 other butterflies and Miss Lindsey and now I have been banned from ballet school and she said she will see to it I never get to put on another pair of tights in this town if she has anything to say about it ....

What I don't understand is why my hubby was hugging her after he put me in the car ....

SKIN: Laqroki
HAIR: Truth
SHOES: Kalnins
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