Friday, August 13, 2010


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I think the way we name animals is quite telling ... you know as a kid the kittens with white feet are "mittens" or "boots." Black cats and dogs are "blacky" and fluffy animals are "fluffy."

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Growing up on a farm you must learn all the appropriate names for everything .. you know like the grains you are growing ... and whoot isn't that a day worth scrapbooking ... "okay .. these are oats ... see how they have whiskers?" Good thing we were all in our protective equipment for THAT day .... I really paid attention because I just instinctively knew how important these types of things were going to be for me later in life....

Learning proper technical names is key .... you need to know if you just got a load of Holstein, Dutch Freisen, or Freisen Holstein ... these things are very very important ....

lrits 2

That's why when my kids were old enough to ask "What is the name of the white cow mommy?" I could step up to the plate, the circle had come complete, it was my turn to pass on the wisdom of the ages, handed down from generation to generation. I sat up in my seat in the front of the car, gripping the steering wheel, making eye contact with each of my kids (without crashing the car) cleared my throat ... and said ....

" 'Snowball?'... or maybe even "Fluffy," ... .hard to tell at this distance ..."

SKIN: deKade
HAIR: Truth
LASHES: Glow Studio
JACKET: Ivalde
PANTS: Mix&Match (OOB)
BOOTS: Bax Coen
POSES: Everglow
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