Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Games for the Office.


Office games can be tons of fun to break up the monotony. They really help to build the team spirit. Oh but sometimes the "victim" doesn't bond with the "team" that is laughing and snorking right away ... but don't give up .. it is worth it ...


One of the games I like to play with engineers is change the keys on the keyboard. Yup, just pop a couple of those puppies off .. think about the most strategic ones you can do and do not make it obvious ...

Now wait for them to try and log on in the morning .... Fun right??? Did you know some of those swear words? Write some of them down ... they might come in handy some day.


I like when they phone IT to say the log in isn't working and IT keeps telling him that his log in is not right .... and Mr. "I AM ENGINEER YOU BOW IN MY PRESENCE" pounds out each letter saying "THIS is my log in .. I KNOW my log in ... damnit I have been here for 12 years .. I am an ENGINEER .. not an idiot .... "

Then for real fun .. and a way to turn a fun fun day into productive as well .. you tell him to let you try .. you might be able to fix it. Take tools over there and tell him he looks stressed .. he might want to get a cup of coffee. He will scoff .. how could YOU .. a NON ENGINEER person ... a mere WOMAN .. fix HIS computer??? Smile and say .. "well go get a coffee ... "

While he is away you change the keys back. Put some grease on your face and be wiping the tools when he returns. Tell him to try it now .. and when he gets in! VOILA.... you have just bought yourself some ENGINEER respect ... and that my friends .. is priceless ...

AND .... this is just another Bliss moment of sharing of how to make your way up the corporate ladder while having fun and games in your big ass office ....

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