Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Love White.

gwli 1

I had "uniform envy" all through school. Other schools had great uniforms ... 'white and red,' 'white and gold,' 'black and gold' ... I always had 'gold and green,' or 'burgandy and gold.' BUT wait ... let me explain ... the gold on the 'white and gold', and 'black and gold' was beautiful gold .... the gold on 'green and gold' and 'burgandy and gold' was this kinda dark yellowy orange that made your skin look like you had liver problems ....

It was kinda like in the material factory when they ruined a batch of nice gold they said .. "hell, save that for the dweeby 'gold and green' uniforms ...

gwli 4

I had a theory .. the girls in the white uniforms got asked out alot more ... and to prove it one day I put my brother in a white uniform and sure enough ... guys were lining up to date him ....

SKIN: eStyle
HAIR: Magika Hair
DRESS: Glow Studio
BRACELETS: Picadi Jasha
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