Friday, August 27, 2010

Leaving Something to the Imagination.

Bianca 3

"You have to have the kind of body that doesn't need a girdle in order to get to pose in one." ~Carolyn Kenmore

That is so true... like any of the women ever posing need to wear one .... In fact most models don't even need to wear clothes .. I think the rest of us wear clothes out of consideration for everyone else ....

"Here let me just cover that up for you ... no need to ruin your dinner ..."

Bianca 2

Sometimes the Old Humpydora would get talking .. sort of thinking out loud about something she was reading ... lots of people get like that on the prairies .. after years of being scarred with the isolation and only gophers and cows to talk to ... you sort of just talk amongst yourself ... Anyway one day I walked in and my grandmother was having a deep (frankly scary) discussion with herself (Scary? come on people there are SOME things 9 year olds just do not wanna know ok?) and she said that she actually found nudity somewhat disturbing. She thought leaving something covered-up left some things to the imagination .. which was always better than reality anyway ... and she cited the old fan dancers and the art of that as opposed to blatant nudity .... She did not think people wanted to see it all anyway ...

Bianca 1

I nodded my head, looking for an exit, trying to use MY imagination to think of fluffy kittens and baby ducks, and said .. "rrrrright .. I so agree with you .. and you should use really really big fans ok .. promise me grandma .... BIGGGGGG fans ok?"

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