Tuesday, August 24, 2010



The Art of Overdressing is an important tip for the fashionista. This is when you go somewhere everyone else is wearing bluejeans and you are in an evening gown, and you act like you are just as comfortable. You grab a bucket and slop down the pigs or put in a mouthguard and tackle the guy across from you, dislodge the football, and run for a touchdown .. heels, sparkles and all ...


Underdressing can be an art too ...


... although going naked when everyone else is fully clothed is not an "art" when you are 82 and a little overweight ... excuse me for a moment ...

(GRANDMA ... YO!! .... OVER HERE ... you need to get back in the car now and put your dress back on ... you are scaring all the nice people at church ... )

More pics here.

SKIN: Sawode
HAIR: Dark Mouse
LASHES: On The Catwalk
BOOTS: Victoria Endsleigh Couture
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