Saturday, August 14, 2010



You know growing up when you fingerpainted your lips purple, you were smacked and talked to sternly about messing around and being ridiculous ....when you ate glue you were given lectures about horse hoofs and asked if you would go lick the horses hooves in the barn??? .. which gave way for questions in my mind about who was really being ridiculous now .... I mean I understood the need to parent but lets try to keep it real ....


Which is why now I like to put on blue lisptick and visit nursing homes and prance around cause they can't tell me what to do, or get the soap out and wash it off.... and besides ....


They can't reach me with their canes and I can outrun their walkers .....

Sometimes when life hands you lemons you need to throw those lemons down on the ground and dance your ass of on them ... cause you can ... and you wanna ..

SKIN: Freckles Design
HAIR: Rezlpsa Loc
DRESS: Fumiwo
SHOES: Baiastice
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