Saturday, August 28, 2010

Put Down the Designing Pen and Back Away and No-One Gets Hurt ....

tlf 2

So Jaxie was so excited that I dated her brother cause she has been trying to get some loser to date him for ages … (I think she wants his room if he moves out) that she sent me these amazing shoes!!! And I loved them and it was a fatpack .. And I wore them and every time I got up during the night I had to just look at them again … until my hubby told me that having the laptop under the covers so I don't miss anything was just not cool ...

tlf 3

And then I got dressed and tried on the pink leopard ones and uh oh …. The one would only stay grey. And I cried … I edited myself, rebaked myself, screamed at myself, went to another sim, took it off and put it on again and cleared my cache. I relogged, tried a different viewer, and then contacted Jaxie and whined a lot … a whollllle lot....

tlf 4

She tried a couple of things and then I got all like .. Wait a minute .. I am creative .. I will copy the left shoe and put it on the right foot .. Who will know? And I did it!! Wow called in the neighbours, phoned my mom, made my hubby go buy me a Hallmark card and whoot I was smoking!!

tlf 1

And then I noticed that the toes were the wrong way around ….

This is why we should leave designing to the experts and the rest of us should befriend them and pray they take pity on us …

Thank heaven Jaxie had some compassion for the remedial dressers group to which I belonged and she sent me a new pair of shoes …. Oh .. But I have to date her brother again … the things I do for fashion ….

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: Truth
DRESS: Snatch
NECKLACE: Pinky Gals
EARRINGS: Violet Voltaire
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