Monday, August 30, 2010

Rock Star.

gbg 2

I usually dress like this when I head over to Crazy Clarks, or the Reject Shop. I like to wander in and see if my CD is still available and how sales are going .... it is important to be amongst your fans you know ....especially in summer ....

gbg 1

so I usually do a quick go through of the cds .. mine is right next to Skippy the Kangaroos famous Australian Song "Matilda stopped waltzing once the dingos ate her legs" and the complete works of "Clogging the Australian way" with words written in for the first time ever ...

I pick my cd up and admire the artwork .. I am really good with crayolas .... and I count how many are left so I know how many have sold and I can start dreaming of how I am going to spend my cut ....

So far ... snuck in and placed in the cd bin ... 1
still in the cd bin ..... 1
Sales .... 0 (this is just a rough estimate - still need my accountant to check my figures)

I am not discouraged though ... I know I will catch on here and I have to admit I am so dreaming of my cut on the $1.99 and how that is going to change my life forever.

SKIN: Lara
HAIR: Son!a
DRESS: Convoitise
JEWELLERY: Sierra Jakob Designs
SHOES: Mentine
POSES: Everglow
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