Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swimming like an Australian.


I like the beaches in Australia .. it took awhile to get used to seeing them without any cows or anything on them but then I guess a field with some dirt leading into the slough is really not technically "a beach" but I believe in improvising .. what doesn't work for you, or isn't real ... just make it all up in your own head ...


It also took awhile to get so that I didn't blind other people on the beach when I showed up on account of my skin being so white ....

more pics here.

And now I am working on learning "Australian Swimming." That is when you actually get in the water, let your body go prone and move your arms and legs and you go places .... as opposed to "Canadian Swimming" when you wade into the water, about waist deep and stand with your arms folded and talk to the other Canadians "swimming" with you .

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: I Love Olive
JEWELLERY: Monique's
TOP: CandyDoll
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