Saturday, September 4, 2010

Black Lace and Pearls.


I get my finest pearls from the farm ... they are usually found in front of the pigs cause people are always casting them there and the pigs are like .. "hey ya take them we have no idea why people keep throwing then down before us" ... cause pigs are not like really clued in about biblical stuff ....they don't even know the Jewish people dislike them so intensely. Pigs have thick skins though so they could probably handle it.


The pearls are black but the mud does chip off sometimes so I would not wear white or anything .. and I painstakingly thread them on to a needle and thread .. and sometimes I add things like dead bugs that are pretty or popcorn and stuff ....

more pics here

I am gonna offer them on ebay soon cause I think there will be a big market for "cast before swine black pearls, bugs and popcorn" .. I have good fashion instincts like that ...

SKIN: Twilythula
HAIR: Bliss Couture
DRESS: Son!a
EARRINGS: Gems & Kisses
SHOES: 24's Shoo Shoes
POSES: Exposeur
LOCATION: Midsomer Meadows
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