Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Mindfield.

Dancing through the Minefield of My Mind

Yes this pic was born out of great pain .. not sure whose was worse (I love it when misery become a competition sport even though I never win cause like some of my friends are professional miserabillies and I just can't keep up - they have medals and everything but my mother in law .... world champion!) I think my kids would argue it is their pain that wins this one..

They are arranging a search party for my mind as we speak. If we can't find it by noon .. they are taking me to Walmart to get a new one .... evidently there is a big sale on those and early halloween candy left over from last year .. can't wait ... I have my support hose on and am sitting in the car with breath mints ... love hugging those Walmart greeters ....

SKIN: She Wants Revenge
LASHES: Wasabi
DRESS: Soleil
BOOTS: Mrs Schmidt
EYES: Ibanez
EARRINGS: Meghindo
Poses: MyAnimation
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