Friday, September 24, 2010

New SHOES!!!!!

Shoes 2

Jaxie Oceanlane sent me her new shoes and I was like so thrilled cause it meant I could stop begging in the streets .... cause grandma is not talking to me anymore after yesterday's blog and finding out I took the $20 she sent the kids for their birthday. Who knew she was working over at Zindra all this time ....and that she reads my blogs ... well she doesn't anymore .. now there is only me and 3 of my alts that read them.

I really love these shoes .. I like to imagine there is a little mini shakespearean king living in my shoe just kinda standing there when someone zipped this puppy up and caught his shirt in it and he was like .. "whoa close call" (looking down) and I was like soooo grateful cause had it not been his lacey shirt well .. I don't even wanna go there ...

Jaxie obviously made these for me .. I know this on account of the fact they match the little blue butterfly on the blissou tag ..see?  Yup she did these babies just for me ... people are like that all the time around me you know .. they are always going ... "hey Bliss .. you beautiful fashionista you ... can I fall all over myself trying to buy your attention?"  And I am like ... "ya sure ... go for it .. " cause I don't like to get in the way of people and their dreams ....

shoes 1

I like these shoes so much I printed a picture of them and cut them out and taped them to my feet. I showed them to my hubby and whimpered alot and he asked if I wanted him to call his mother again .. so I stopped. But he looked at the picture and then went and got my birkenstocks and stood there holding them with this stupid look on his face and that kinda arched eyebrow that I suppose "begs the question" on some people but on him just looks like he is constipated. I looked down at the paper taped to my ankles and at the shoes in his hand and I asked him what his point was. "No-one could wear those in real life," and he snortolled (thats where you snort and roll your eyes at the same time .. usually his mother does it but hey there is such a thing as genetics you know and his brother got his moms hips, her curly hair, the car, and her house ... and my hubby got her snortoll. I told him that was irrelvant ...

He said, "You would be crying in about 2 nanoseconds from the pain, while at the same time having to hold your nose to stop the bleeding .. those things are soooo ridiculously high."

I looked at him and slitnarled ....which I inherited from my mom - narrowing the eyes into slits and snarling at the same time - and said "Ya, but damn ... that would mean at least one nannosecond of complete stunningness!!"

He said, "Heck I would applaud you if you could even take a step in them..."

"Applaud? I would want the Mormon Freaking Tabernacle Choir to be singing the Hallelujah Chorus!"

So I spent the rest of the day walking around in my taped on paper shoes and singing the Hallelujah Chorus. It was especially effective when we had to go by hubby's work to pick up some papers .. I got alot of money for some new shoes out of that visit ... I had no idea my hubby could move that fast!  The shoes  are not nearly as nice as these but I do like them alot ... even if I had to hand over the paper shoes, the tape and hubby gets to keep the ink for the printer in his locked drawer ....

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