Friday, September 10, 2010

No Harem in Canada :(


See we get cheated out of these kinds of things in the frozen northland. Comes Halloween in California or Florida and people get to dress up as little fairies and in harem costumes etc ...


In the Northland .... it is always .. why don't you go as a ghost again and that way you can wear your snowsuit underneath the sheet and no-one will know .. at least you will be warm? Or hey .. why don't you go as a "Snowmobile driver guy?" Or hey this is exciting ... and "old farmer guy." And when they get really inventive? Why don't you go as "underwater diving guy?" You can wear your brown snowsuit (cause a Canadian has one in every colour - we love our nylon and polyester padding let me tell you) and we can put the old fish bowl on your head like an old old "underwater diving guy."


I still have the scars from where the fishbowl froze to my neck and they had to pry it off ....

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